Competition for the most beautiful teenager is horrible !

okay so there is a big thing on facebook called “Competition for the most beautiful teenager” but i dont think it is right…all it is is a bunch of young, skinny, pretty girls ,its not nice , i think that all of us, each and every one of us on earth is beautiful in there own and individual way, people seem to forget there is no single thing in the world that is perfect , nothing. also its not fair on people like me who are over weight , and cummon guys i mean us 15 year olds that are size uk 14+ , and do not have flat stumachs , i know its uncomfterable somtimes but you’ve got to remember , your friends love you for who you are , not your weight , looks or hair ,for you

so if you are very body concous dont bother looking at them , there not real , you are , and i love you all , just remember Would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?” -Gerard way