just be prepared………(message to my Daft Punkers)

ok so…

i’m just letting y’all know just be prepared. There will be a lot of new fans.

they might just well be unwanted hipsters claiming that they herd them first (that will pronounce Guy’s name as in a guy and not rhymed like pea) and you may want to punch the heck out of them, but we just got to be ready and don’t let them break up our amazing Daft family.

But on the other hand there will be some new awesome fans that will carry on loving Daft Punk 

to them they wont be just a fad band that had a good hit in 2013

they will be like us. So just don’t beat down on them

I too are anxious about this just remember we’re all in this together 

Daft Punker forever and always!